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Customer Review

Iqbal Singh

Begins from basics. And customises yoga exercises basis body type, imbalances and specific requirement of flexibility. Goes beyond strict definition of time and deliverables to address related issues on food and posture. Displays a good knowledge of the theory and practice of yoga.

Poornima Tickoo

We took the group yoga classes from sharieff , classes were really helpful for all levels and therapeutic purpose. I highly recommend him for all.


Gunit Singh

Highly Recommended- If you are looking for a focussed yoga instructor who is sincere, puntual, professional & who knows his craft, then this is your guy. After you tell him your problem areas, he would come up with a focussed plan & execute it to perfection customising it based on your mental & physical strength. Basically, with this guy it is upto you , how much you can extract from him

Priyanaka Rastogi

I have been taking the class for almost a year now & I do feel a lot of difference in myself. How I was then & how I am now. I thoroughly enjoy every class of yours and I am always surprised at the end of class because it seemed that it ended too soon. You are a great mentor to me right from correcting me with the practice, guiding me with the diet and health tips. Also, your continuous follow-up on the progress is something which I have never seen with my earlier trainings. Thank you for the impact you have had on my health. Looking forward to a happy & healthy body.

Somnath mitra

have been training for the last nine months an extremely impressed by the training and the impact that it had on us. Extremely well rounded combination of classical yoga along with adaptations to suit specific needs, breathing exercises and relaxation – the sessions focus on holistic well-being of the body and mind. When we started, the level of difficulty was moderate because we all were starters and then progressively introduced newer asanas and techniques to suit our requirements. The overall sequence, right from the warm ups / preparatory poses to the movements and the cool down / relaxation – extremely well thought of and well planned. Thank you Sharieff for all your hard work!


Rajiv Sarin

I have been taking Yoga lessons from My Sharieff since last one year. He has been a thorough professional and comes with vast knowledge in this field. He is not only a Yoga trainer but also comes with advanced knowledge of Ayurveda and is able to combine Yoga with AYurveda to help you with the best possible exercise regime tuned to your body type. I was suffering from blocked nose for a long time and with his support was able to get rid of this problem. He has also helped me improve my overall flexibility levels. I would highly recommend him as your trainer. He is very effective in focused personalized coaching and can tailor the asanas to your body and health needs.

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