Zakaulla Sharieff after Graduated in Yoga, started learning yoga under lineages of T krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar and other expert teachers.

Then he started working with group classes and one on one sessions in Bengaluru. Since it was beginning he started to take very few clients and spending more time in refining the concepts and by taking off day and months in distilling the knowledge required for action. When he started teaching there will be many new start ups in Bangalore offering leads for yoga therapists at that time and that gave him the freedom to repetitively taking the same cases. It took a much time for him to gain expertise since classical texts related to yoga are vague and also there was a little empirical data available related to the yoga as a therapeutic tool.

Being a yoga therapist with ease he gained expertised in Cupping therapy and with the Integrated approach he was able to achieve remarkable results in Diabetes, Thyroid, Irritable bowel syndrome, PCOD, Blood pressure, Sciatica and other other spinal disorders.

What is Ayurveda yoga therapy ?

Ayurveda explains that we all have a different body constitution made up of 5 elements (panchamahabhutas) termed as Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, which will be present in each person with varying proportions termed as Doshas.

Prakruti means unique and specific combination of the panchamahabhutas at the time of conception is called prakruti. Vikruti means imbalanced or altered state of the panchamahabhutas( elements), reflecting the current state of our health, is called vikruti.

As everyone will be having the altered state of panchamahabhutas with varying degreees reflecting deficiency or excess of them in terms of symptoms or diseases, So sequences and pranayama designed based on the vikruti of the person balancing for their prakruti, different seasons, times of day, and specific ages hence our yoga institute termed as Vikruti Yoga.

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